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Farm to Table Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Everyone today has likely heard of farm to table restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. The origin of farm to table restaurants dates back to a time when people became unhappy with the amount of processed foods in their diet. Therefore, they began to focus on more organic, healthier options, and local farm restaurants in Puerto Vallarta began implementing the concept.

You Are What You Eat

We all know that the items found in the supermarkets these days are not natural or healthy. It is vital that everyone begins to understand how important it is to find farm to table dining in Puerto Vallarta. Otherwise, you will be destined to eat food filled with toxic chemical substances that harm your body.

Los Veranos Farms is the only farm to table eatery in the area. As one of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, we offer an experience every night called A Night in the Jungle. Our menu features the finest farm to table food, including both American and Mexican specialties.

Our delightful organic menu features appetizing, unique foods from a world-famous chef. You can enjoy fresh seafood, organic meats and poultry, exotic pizzas, gourmet hamburgers, fresh vegetables, refreshing spirits and mixed drinks, fine wines, and so much more.

Los Veranos Farms can be found deep in the lavish jungle along the waters of the Horcones River. While our menu is seasonal, we also have a number of permanent classics. Book your reservation today!
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Puerto Vallarta Farm-To-Table Restaurant in The Jungle

We encourage you to allow us to provide your transportation either by jungle truck, or when available high speed power boat. Transportation cost is provided at cost and does not include dinner.

Organic Cuisine

The top-rated adventure park Los Veranos Canopy Tours offers farm-to-table Los Veranos Farms, the only farm-to-table eatery in the entire Puerto Vallarta area. We offer a nightly dinner experience known as A Night in the Jungle. Our delicious organic menu features appetizing American and Mexican specialties, whether unique appetizers specially prepared by our world-renowned chef, fresh local seafood, fine organic meats, poultry and lamb, exotic pizzas, gourmet hamburgers, fresh vegetables, fine spirits/mixed drinks, California wines and much more! 

The location of the Los Veranos Farms is perfectly located deep in the lush jungle nestled along the rushing waters of the world famous Horcones River, 40 scenic minutes south of Old Town Puerto Vallarta. Los Veranos Farms kitchen is about handmade food using our farm fresh ingredients. Our goal is to create a healthy family meal with a sense of place. Our menu is seasonal, with some permanent classics. All meats served at Los Veranos Farm come from our farm and local “organic” farm producers.

Customer Reviews

The night time jungle dinner experience was awesome! Great location, environment and the food was terrific!

Brandon B.
Los Veranos Farms had amazing meals, great service and the beauty of the location was breathtaking. I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone visiting PV!
Sarah H.

Climate at 
Los Veranos Farms

The climate of Los Veranos Farms is tropical, warm all year round, with a dry, less hot period from December to April and a tropical rainy period from June to October. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 62°F to 90°F and is rarely below 56°F or above 93°F. Although winter is typically warm, there can sometimes be cool at night. As such, bring a light sweater just in case during the months of December through February.

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Jan 22, 2022
7.30 pm
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