About Us

About Us

A family-owned and operated business passionate about unforgettable adventure and extraordinary experiences, Los Veranos Canopy Tours is proud to offer only farm-to-table restaurant experience A Night in the Jungle in all of Puerto Vallarta. Together, our tours and restaurant facility create memorable moments to last a lifetime. Our farm-to-table restaurant experience overlooking the Horcones River is only the beginning. Nightly, we have a great zoo expedition including monkeys, turtles, iguanas, tejóns, birds, including macaw and toucans and snakes, a bird entertainment show, live music, and an ancient Mexico artifact exhibit. At the farms we also have a beach area nestled on the Horcones River for beautiful/romantic dinners and a children's play area which includes a great slide and swing set. What else would you possibly want?

The Los Veranos Canopy property encompasses over 23 acres which is bisected by the infamous Horcones River. Located within our massive property is our own vegetable farm that includes many varieties. Water and irrigation to the farm area is provided by the clean waters of the Horocones River.

From the world's largest and famous zipline system to thrilling speed boat rides to amazing whale watching to our exotic animal sanctuary to farm-to-table culinary delights, Los Veranos Canopy and Tours offers fun for the entire family. As a family-owned business we are committed to sustainability. We use our resources wisely to support conservation and animal wellness throughout the region.

Climate at 
Los Veranos Farms

The climate of Los Veranos Farms is tropical, warm all year round, with a dry, less hot period from December to April and a tropical rainy period from June to October. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 62°F to 90°F and is rarely below 56°F or above 93°F. Although winter is typically warm, there can sometimes be cool at night. As such, bring a light sweater just in case during the months of December through February.

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Jan 22, 2022
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